Lesson 6: Read chapter 10 of Animal Farm

  1. Finish reading Animal Farm. To read the book on line, click here.
  2. Congratulations! You have finished reading Animal Farm.
  3. Take lesson 6 quiz. 
  4. Watch the video below.  Comment in the forum.

Chapter 10 Quiz

1. Who were the only animals to remember the old days with Mr. Jones?
2. What was the windmill used for?
3. What do the pigs learn to do?
4. What do the pigs now carry in their trotters?
5. What do the Sheep now say?
6. What remains of the seven Commandements?
7. Who made a toast to the Animal Farm?
8. What did Napolean announce would be the new name of Animal Farm? Is this surprising? Why or Why not?
9. What was the source of the violent quarrel between Mr. Pilkington and Napolean?
10. What are the differences between man and pig at the end of Chapter 10?