Lesson 5: Read chapters 8 and 9 of Animal Farm

Take lesson 5 quiz. Be sure to score at least 70% on lesson 5 before moving on to lesson 6. To read the book on line, click here.

Chapter 8 Quiz

1. How was the sixth Commandment changed?
2. What titles did the pigs invent for Napolean?
3. What poem did Minimus write in honour of Napolean?
4. What terrible stories concerning Mr. Frederick were circulating around the farm?
5. What name was given to the windmill?
6. Why was Napolean upset with Mr. Frederick?
7. What battle took place in this chapter?
8. Did the animals win the battle? Why or Why not?
9. What new decoration did Napolean create?
10. How was the fifth Commandment changed?

Chapter 9 Quiz

1. What was Boxer's one real ambition?
2. How old was Boxer?
3. What was going to be built in the farmhouse garden?
4. How much beer were the pigs recieving daily? What about Napolean?
5. What happened in April?
6. According to Moses, what was Sugar candy mountain like?
7. How did Boxer get hurt?
8.What was Boxer's fate?
9. What did Sqeualor announce to the animals concerning Boxer's death?
10. What did the pigs purchase at the end of the chapter? Where do you think they got the money?