Lesson 4: Read Chapters 6 and 7 of Animal Farm

Take lesson 4 quiz and score at least 70% before moving to lesson 5. To read the book on line, click here.

Chapter 6 Quiz

 1. What did Napolean announce? What was the penalty for not volunteering?
2. How did the animals deal with the huge boulders?
3. What were Boxer's two slogans?
4. What new policy did Napolean decide upon?
5.Who was hired to handle the affairs of Animal Farm?
6. What sight brought a certain pride to the animals?
7. What commandment did the pigs break? How did they cover it up?
8. Which animal refused to grow enthusiastic about the windmill?
9. What happened to the windmill?
10. What did Napolean offer for the capture of Snowball?

Chapter 7 Quiz

1. How was the building of the windmill going to be different?
2. How did the animals attempt to fool Mr. Whyumper?
3. Why were the hens upset?
4. What rumor was circulating about Snowball?
5. Who was said to be in league with Snowball?
6. Who had difficulty believing Snowball was a threat?
7. What did Napolean award himself?
8. Which animals were the first killed by Napolean?
9. What hppened to "Beasts of England"?
10. Who wrote the new song?