Lesson 3: Chapter 5 of Animal Farm

  1. Read Chapter 5 of Animal Farm.  To read the book on line, click here.
  2. Use the links and resources provided to read about the Russian Revolution
  3. Take a look back at our predictions from Lesson 2 in the forum.  Did you see any of this coming? Comment on what you were right or wrong about.  If you have new predictions for the rest of the book, please state them in theforum.
  4. Take the Chapter 5 quiz. Do not move to Lesson 4 without scoring at least 70% on Lesson 3. 

Chapter 5 Quiz

  1. Describe what happens to Mollie.  Why do you think Mollie cannot adapt to conditions on the farm? Where is Mollie later seen?
  2. What does Snowball want to build and for what purpose?
  3. What are Napoleon's feelings about Snowball's plans and what does he do to them?
  4. What happens at crucial moments in Snowball's speech?
  5. What happens to Snowball?
  6. What became of Jessie and Bluebell's puppies? What role do the dogs play?
  7. What happens to the Sunday meetings hereafter?  How do the animals react to this development?
  8. Why don't the other animals protest Napoleon's decisions?
  9. What slogan does Boxer adopt?
  10. How does Squealer explain Napoleon's change of attitude concerning the windmill?  Why do you think the animals believe him?