Lesson 1: Chapters 1 and 2 of Animal Farm

1.  Before beginning to read, please respond to these questions in the forum.
  • What do you consider to be qualities of a good leader?
  • Give some reasons why a government might be overthrown. What made these people dissatisfied with their leaders and their living conditions?

2. Read Chapters 1 & 2 of Animal Farm.  To read the book online click here.

3. When you are finished reading, take the lesson one quiz. Do not move to lesson 2 until scoring a 70% or more on lesson 1.

Chapter 1 Quiz

  1. What's the name of the farm, and who was the farmer?
  2. Who had a strange dream?
  3. Identify the following: 3 dogs, 2 cart-horses, goat, donkey, mare.
  4. Describe the animals lives according to Old Major (3 things).
  5. Who do the animals see as "the only real enemy," and why?
  6. In one word, what is Old Major's message to the animals?
  7. Who were voted in as "Comrades"?
  8. What motto does Major give to the animals?
  9. What song did the animals sing?
  10. What did the singing do?

Chapter 2 Quiz

  1. Who are "recognized as the cleverest of the animals"?
  2. What two animals are emerging as leaders? Describe each of them.
  3. What name did they give to Old Major's teachings?
  4. Who is Moses and what mysterious place does he talk about? Why don't the pigs like his stories?
  5. What causes the animals to finally rebel against Mr. Jones and his farmhands?
  6. After the rebellion, what did the animals do with any evidence of their subservience to man (ie chains, bits, halters, whips, etc.)?  What did they do with the farmhouse?
  7. What had the pigs taught themselves to do?
  8. What did they rename the farm?
  9. List the seven commandments.
  10. What do you think happened to the milk at the end of Chapter 2?