On Animal Farm

Animal Farm on Wikipedia

Book Rags
A free study guide on Animal Farm.  Includes synopsis, analysis, character evaluation, and an in-depth look at the use of propaganda and presence of greed in the novella.

Animal Farm animated film
Watch the full-length animated film here on YouTube. 
Keep in mind, parts of the movie differ slightly from the book.

On Propaganda & Persuasion
Poster Art of World War II
Nazi Propaganda

On the Author, George Orwell

Includes a full biography of the author covering both his personal and professional life. Discusses his works and includes a plethora of links for additional resources.
Includes free online text of Orwell's books, including Animal Farm, along with a biography of the author, pictures, and well known Orwell quotes.

George Orwell at Penguin Books
A publisher or Orwell's works in paperback, the site includes a short biography and allows you to download and read the first chapter.  His works and books based on his works can also be purchased from the site.

Fun Trivia on George Orwell & Animal Farm
Test your knowledge on George Orwell and Animal Farm with some sample quizzes created by users, ranging from easy to difficult.